Negative Effects of Gambling on a Gambler

Gambling can provide a lifetime experience similar to being high on drugs. It has been found in the studies that the person who gambles experience an adrenaline rush inside their brain as well as body due to the chemicals which are produced every time a card is revealed, or the slots slow down. These chemical changes relink the neurons inside the brain, which in future makes them addicted to gambling. There are plenty of side effects of gambling which can be seen in the behaviors of an addict. It does not create any physical problems as the drugs can, but it simply kicks off the idea of managing money out of the head in the hopes of getting lucky. Here are some of the effects of 12joker gamling that an addict faces in day to day life.


The gambling addicts often go under depression due to the loss they face in the game after game. It makes to feel like a loser on the only thing they felt they were good at. It can lead to potential drinking habits leading to toxic alchoholism. It can also develop anxiety inside the person to feel inferior infront of other people. Some of the symptoms of this can include, losing interest in usual activities, irritation, gained weight, guilty feelings, sleeplessness.


Gateway to other addictions

When the gambling addicts are gambling or when they are not gambling, they are always craving for the rush in their veins which they get from gambling. At the moments they feel low of such feelings, they start trying to find an alternative which can provide to their needs. Mostly they resort to alchohol as it is easily available in casinos and there is plenty of it to drink. But later the addiction can grow to a higher category of drugs which helps them stay motivated and energetic in the games and at their regular lives.

Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy Habits

Gambling addicts also lose interest in other activities and hobbies. Gambling seems to be the only thing which keeps them running, either by the fun or by the fear of being in debt. They stop caring about their health and surroundings. In most cases, you will find their homes or rooms untidy, uncleaned clothes, days old trash, and uncleaned dishes. Their living room can be as typical as filled with empty soda cans and wrappers, unpaid bills, and the lottery tickets which they have lost. They forget to take care of their health and often grow lazy to to go คา สิ โน สด outside and connect with their social life.


One thing a gambling addict will never accept is that they have an addiction. They always have a reason or an excuse to defend why they are wasting money on gambling. Some of the common reasons they give are, “I am doing this professionally”, or “I have planned everything and can stop anytime”. The reality is they are not sure of what the plan is and are mostly scared to accept that they have messed up. They fear it will make them look like a loser infront of others and so get irritated easily on being questioned on their addiction.

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